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Lose weight! check how to lose weight fast with scientific and trusted tips...

 Lose weight! check how to lose weight fast with scientific and trusted tips

How to lose weight is a very popular term questioning by the world these days, overweight is not deadly but yes it's a serious problem today and that is why we need to take care of our diet and health in order to be healthy and fit.
In order to go through the weight loss procedure and overweight problem, I want to show something unique in the beginning.

How we spend our whole day:- how it is helping us in losing weight and fear??

In this example, I'll cover the whole day eating cycle of the normal or an overweight person.

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     Eating Cycle of a day... how many times we're eating ??
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Evening Snacks
  • Dinner

Now, in each and every interval of time let us see what we are doing and what we should do...

Step:-1 What we are doing at breakfast??? What we should?

Type-1 People...
People in large numbers are eating heavy breakfast at the beginning of the day which is full of carbs and other unhealthy components which is not a good example for starting a healthy day. These heavy meals at starting can ruin your plan losing weight quickly at the very first of the day.

It is called breakfast because we are breaking our fast of the whole night and if wouldn't take good amount of calorie in breakfast then we will not be able to work the proper whole day.
Type-2 People...
Breakfast is the first and most important component of the food cycle of a day, and for losing weight fast we should eat healthy breakfast but some people skip breakfast as they think skipping breakfast can be the best way to lose weight but this is completely wrong.
According to a survey of WHO ( World Health Organisation ) people who eat healthy and high protein breakfast burn more calories than others and losing weight faster.
Conclusion of this first step is that we should eat healthy and high protein breakfast and shouldn't skip it.

Step:-2 What we are doing at lunch?? What we should do?

During lunch peoples who eat burgers, pizza, noodles, and any other fast food are getting more carbs and unhealthy fats which is not fulfilling the appropriate amount of calorie intake requirement of the body.

Eating junk food at lunch can ruin your weight loss plan. Their question " How can I lose weight " will be the same until or unless they will not understand this.
what we should do at lunch?? In a healthy way.
At lunch instead of eating fast or junk food we should have nutritional food which is enriched of protein and minerals. At lunch, rich protein food will be a helpful way to lose weight.
Why protein-rich food is important at lunch??
Because protein-rich food boosts body metabolism and helps the body to maintain the level of carbs & body sugar plus helps in burning fat.
Although protein-rich foods reduce the bad habit of eating late-night snacks. So, on these bases, we can say including protein in our lunch can be the foolproof diet for weight loss.
Adding salad in your meal plan will also give you a good amount of nutrition.

Best examples of protein-rich food available:-
  1. Lean Meat...
  2. Broccoli...
  3. kidney beans...
  4. Pulses...
  5. Fish and chicken breast...

Step-3; let's talk about evening snacks or fast foods...

I love my evening snacks, seriously. if you ask a person who loves eating and asks him/her favorite snacks, the answer will be an evening snack, but why??
Because in the evening we have a large variety of snacks available to eat, no dought these are really delicious and tasty but they are low nutritional food increasing body weight drastically. Evening snacks are playing a major role in increasing of unhealthy body fat.
Unhealthy food will feel full of your stomach and if you will stop eating unhealthy snacks in the evening you can eat more healthy at night and this can solve your one more question about how to lose face fat quickly.

Here are some of the healthy and nutrition-rich snacks you can eat in the evening...
  1. Fruits and Salad...
  2. Almonds and other dry fruits...
  3. Dark chocolate for metabolism...
  4. Kale chips...
  5. Boiled eggs...
  6. Low-calorie vegetable like celery...
  7. Nuts and black olives...

Now, step 3rd means evening discussion finished but still last and most important meal is pending... Let's get started.

Step:- What we should eat at night for losing weight fast??

At night, we come back home after working the whole day, this is the most important step in whole one-day procedure to have good and nutritional food at last.
Why we can't eat anything at night? Can we eat junk foods at night?
We always should eat healthy and nutritional foods at night because once we eat at night we will be on the bed for the next 8-9 hours and we will in sleep but on that moment our stomach, intestine and all the other body parts will still work.
Whatever we eat at night will be proceeded by our body the whole night and it will be a great factor to decide what kind of our body will.
At night we should eat more protein-rich foods like Lean meat, fish, paneer, and soybeans.
Why we shouldn't skip eating at night? How it affects our body?
Many people skip dinner in the myth that it helps them for weight loss but it's only myth, skipping dinner can create a problem for you, you can feel starve whole night, the stomach starts paining, lack of nutrition in the body, lack of fuel in body, malnutrition and many other problems.
For a slim body or low-fat muscles, we should always prefer healthy and protein-rich dinner.
With the helo of this final step, we finished with our one-day challenge of weight loss, but we not finished yet, here are some more and important tips require for one of the fastest ways for weight loss.

How do you lose belly fat with the help of water?? Drinking plenty of water can maintain weight loss and fitness...

water improves body metabolism and that is why it is considered as one of the best ways for losing weight extremely fast, water retention purifies the blood and burns unwanted and extra body fat.

It cleans your body of waste, and act as an appetite suppressant, drinking plenty amount of water stops water retaining and drops the extra amount of water weight from the body.
So, drinking plenty of water on a regular basis can help you with weight loss without fear.

How exercise helps weight loss?? The best exercises for losing weight naturally and quickly...

Exercise plays a very important role in our life for being healthy, proper diet and exercise together is most powerful than any medicine available in the world.
During exercise, a person doing hard work and it includes most of the body part which gives a movement to the body and starts building muscles in the different part of the body naturally, if a person suffers from heavyweight, exercise is one of the best and fastest way for weight loss.
During exercise, all belly fat and unwanted fat in the different body part started getting convert into muscles and the person starts losing weight quickly.
Now let us see 3 best exercises helps in losing weight fast...
Mountain Climbing:- Mountain climbing is one of the best exercise available for weight loss, it is a hobby includes hiking, rock climbing, crossing glaciers.

A mountain climber uses the strength of the arm and legs to climb up mountains but it shows good effects on all the body parts as climbing mountains is a tough exercise require high calories and burns body fat, it is an excellent exercise for weight loss.
Weight training or weight lifting:- Weight lifting is one of the most popular and traditional exercises but it helps in losing belly fat let's see.
When a person lifting heavyweight it stretches different parts of the body and boosts metabolism, once metabolism boosted the body automatically starts burning fat and convert unwanted fat into muscles.

lifting weight 3-4 days in a week will show a very good effect on a person body weight.
Fast Running:- Running can be considered as the primary exercise in any of the situations it almost includes all the body part during this workout...
Running burn more calories in the body and improves metabolism plus it increases the breathing rate for a moment which helps the body lose as much as weight in a short period of time.

For burning a high amount of calorie, the person should run as fast as possible because slow running or jogging wouldn't be able to burn good amount of calories.

Is starving helps in weight loss?? what is the benefit of starving in weight loss??

The answer is No, not at all. Starving cannot be the resolution because starving will not gonna help you in weight loss.
starving can just give the feeling of weakness in the body and nothing else, because of our body require good amount of calories and other nutrients for performing various tasks during a day and if you are not feeding yourself with proper diet, you would not get good energy for the whole day and it can make you sick.
A person who is looking for weight loss should eat at least 3 times a day or even 4 times, but if you are afraid of overeating you can do the practice of eating slowly, as it will give you the filling of fullness in the low amount of food.
You are fasting for weight loss it is good when you doing this for one day in a week but starving is seriously not a solution of overweight.

Why should we take good night sleep?? How a proper night sleeps help in weight losing???

We saw many people in our daily life who spend most of their time by sleeping, sleeping is good remedy for losing weight.
According to a survey, people who take proper sleep, mostly night sleep are more fit than others, but why ??
The human body produces HGH ( Human Growth Hormone ) in large quantity while you're sleeping, it burns extra body fat and repair damaged muscles as well as forms new muscles by converting fat in muscles and this will definitely help you in weight loss.
sleeping is also a good stress-buster and if you are feeling so stressed and don't know what to do, stay calm, feel relax and take a good and deep sleep for 5-6 hours.
I am assuring you, it will relax your mind and will give you a fresh mind in order to come out of that hard time.

Here is a bonus tip for you...

Monitor your progress in a decided period... Keep observing yourself.

If you will start following all the procedures and tips I told in this article you'll see your losing weight quickly then ever, I guarantee.
But only following diet and exercise will not give you a proper idea about how you doing, you need to observe yourself properly on a specific period of time.

So, let's see what you need to do...
You need to select a proper interval of time in which you can record your progress, means you need to observe how much weight you lose, how much fat you burn, what is your calorie requirement and how much calories intake by you during the whole day...
Once, you'll start observing all these important things, trust me from next day you will be able to lose as much as the weight you want to lose.

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