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(Make Money Online ) Never Let Me Down... A success motivation.

In this article, I will let you know how I dreamed to be a billionaire and did my efforts on multiple platforms but till the time I did not earn a single penny online.

I know, it is quite hard to believe but in my case, It is as true as holy water.

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Let us know more about my failure...

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When I was of 16 years old, I understood the power of the internet and what I could do with it. It was the first time I took my first step towards my goal ( A Billionaire ). One who has such a lot of money that nobody can even think in his dreams.

I was young and my blood was filled with motivation, on that time I believed that it is the only way to fulfill my dreams and here started my journey.

I started searching online, how to make money and a big list of websites opened on my mobile screen. On that time I do not have a Pc or Laptop.

Every single website was new for me and then It was looking that my dream would be true very soon, I started scrolling more, searching more and reading more. 

It was 2015 and I was in 9th standard, where all my friends were thinking about the exams I was only thinking about making money online and doing my researches.

My entry in the online industry comes with a survey website name Panelplace. Panelplace and website like this are paying for taking online surveys about " Brands and Products ".

I used to work on Panelplace for almost 1 or 2 months but the result was zero, and I thought might a new platform will help me out and started searching more. 

In my 3 years of continuous research, I found a number of paying website and used them but the result was absolute zero. 

That was the time where my motivation was started going down, and I was sad... but it was not a movie or a serial where suddenly some miracle will happen and everything will change. It's a true-life baby.

After inverting my 3 years I am in the same position where I was earlier and it hearts me a lot.

In these 3 years, I don't have my own smartphone, I used to do online searches after midnight 12 when my whole family was in sleep.

Let me share a funny moment with you...

After spending my 1 year, I was working on almost 102 websites including an online survey, captcha, and my different websites and it was quite difficult for me to remember Username and Passwords of each and every single website. So, I used to make a dairy.

😅😅😅... really funny but I carried the dairy every single minute in my pocket and was recording my daily progress in it

One day when I was in my street, I had a conflict with one of my friends and we start fighting but what I lost on that day was my precious dairy... He punched me and dairy fall down in nearby drainage. 

I was crying on the road for the dairy but it was unrecoverable.

After all the incidents I did nothing for almost one week but again my dreams forced me to do something different.

This time I came up with a Youtube Channel, youtube was becoming popular day by day in India and competition was very less, I thought of making technologies related video and I created my first video " How to save youtube videos in your gallery ".

My video worked successfully and after 3 months of uploading, there were 99k views on it. On that time such a large number of views on a single video was a very good start.

But my happiness was not accepted to nature and after 2 days of completing 99k views my video removed by youtube, the reason mentioned by them ( Video is inappropriate ). I appealed several times but nothing happened and I was a totally broke situation for me.

I left every single task as it is, and removed all the bookmarks, histories about making money online. It stopped moving forward towards my dreams.

Started focusing on studies but my dreams were coming in front of my eyes... After a year I come in the online industry again and now I am in the same position from where I was started.

But, I believe it's not the end of my journey and this time I will not quit. even will be in the same situation forever.

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