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Ramadan 2019 starting from Monday: Moon observers explained Crescent not sighted in world

Ramadan is a one of the biggest holy festivals for Muslim or Islam people. Islam is a ( Monotheistic Abrahamic religion ) with is based on the holy book Quran which is a verbatim words of god.

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In 2019 Ramadan is going to start from 6th May and all Muslim community is waiting for this holy month from previous year. Now it's seams their wish is going to full fill and May comes with lot of joy for Muslims.

In days of Ramadan almost 1.5 Billion Muslims are practice fast from Sunrise to Sunset to show their devotion in the shadow of Allah.

During Ramadan fasting including abstention from:

Food                                                   Violence

Water                                                  Sex

Smoking                                             Sinful behaviour

    Fasting during Ramadan is physically and psychologically challenging because fasting can be extend up-to 19 hours a day.

These are the days which express them as gene of God ( Allah ) and it is known as ( Power of Night ).

As per the Islamic calendar Ramadan is take place in ninth month and as per observations it occurs approximately 11 days before every year but majorly it depends on sighting of moon and hence can differ country by country.

                 Related image

Observers disclaimed that there is no sighting of Ramadan moon in the sky it means that the holy Ramadan month will start from Monday 6th May.

Muslims across the globe is waiting the sight of the crescent moon and people in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Asian countries are keeping their eyes wide and looking towards the sky for any report of crescent moon.

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