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Mother;s Day, A Special Day Honoring Mothers and Motherhood...

People across the globe are preparing to celebrate Mother's Day on 12th May 2019 ( Second Sunday of May ) but it cannot be taken as the fixed date because in Arab countries Mother's Day celebrated on 21st March and in European countries, it is observed on 8th March.
Here is Date of Mother's Day for the upcoming 5 years...

201912th May Sunday
202010th MaySunday
20219th MaySunday
20228th MaySunday
202314th MaySunday

Every mother on this earth no matters she is Human, animal, reptile or bird are a good gift. 

Some lines for our Honour and Pride Mothers.

       You gave me birth,  you saved me on Earth.
        Mom you are the one who never let me down

       I never ever feel Starve,

       Starvation from love, Starvation from bravery 
       Starvation from Motivation does not exist in my life just because of you.

You are my ideal and I always wanna be in your shadow till the Graveyard.             

In the 9th standard of my school, Newton's third law of motion states that every force have an equal and opposite reaction but when I look at you this law gets faded... Why?

Because, Sometimes I shouted, sometimes I angered but in apposition, I received love only.

You wash our clothes, cooking food for us and there are unlimited things you do to make us happy which I can't even explain with my word... but apart from all these you never demanded anything. 

I feel glad to have your Mom, please be always with me love you.

We all love our Mother from the bottom of heart so let us celebrate together, Comment Love you Mom below.

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