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How Sacrifices made him strong ( An Old Man ) - A motivational story

Many days back someone told this precious line " If you are paralyzed by your body it might not your fault but if you are paralyzed from your mind, then you and only you are responsible for your current situation ".

Like every morning, I was returning from the office at 5 O' Clock and the environment was silent like a forest of the Oak tree in winter.

The chirping of sparrows sounds that doors of heaven opened and was asking me to come inside.
In Nangloi, I was waiting for Auto-rickshaw and searching the same. Suddenly, I got frozen for an hour after I looked an old man.

The Old-man was about 5 ft tall in height, white in color, having short white beard and mustaches all over his cheeks and his face was covered with a pollution protection mask.

He was cleaning the roadside for his store setup and looking normal like others.

If I going to describe his shop, it was a small sorry very small newspaper shop having almost fifty or sixty newspaper arranged according to languages and newspaper companies on a plastic sack of 2 ft long. 

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Some of the newspaper were also hanged on a rope tied with a Political party iron board which can be seen on every corner in streets of Delhi.

Till the time a thing I missed to notice was his right hand. I still remember he was cleaning the road holding a broom from his right hand which only had 2 fingers which were of irregular shape.

And suddenly I started feeling more excited and started observing his activities.

Once, he finished his work of cleaning, he holds a brick and sits on it to serve customers and a dairy was on the sack which might be carried some day to day records of his small business.

Suddenly he got to remember something and started searching his pockets... he picks out a piece of cloths having some coins and some currency notes then started counting them all. He repeated the process 2-3 times and then placed all the money under the sack might he was arranging changes for his upcoming customers.

Almost 30 minutes passed and I still stood there for Rickshaw but all these observations were making the morning excited.

From the day I started writing, it is ugly, poor and unacceptable, ugly like sewage, in my school days my teachers were always scolding me for bad handwriting my marks were deducted by them because of this. 

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 Can you believe a person having only 2 fingers in his hand, which is not even in correct shape to hold anything was writing from that hand?

This man was genius, he was writing from his paralyzed hand and his handwriting was fabulous. I never saw such handwriting even from a normal guy in my whole life.

What I saw on that day helped me to understand this sentence

" Physical disability can force for cry but Mental disabilities will make you dead "

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Hope you will inspire from this old man and if you have a similar story share with us... here.



  1. Suppose a person is disabled his mind by birth,then how can he responsible for his current situation.my friend you might need to change your statementwhich you have been said in page.

    1. Sahil buddy in this post Mental disability implies for demotivation which never let a human being to overcome his fear or from his/her comfort zone.

      Hopes it is clear now.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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