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Top 5 frequently asked questions on Coachella.

Coachella ( Dreamland 2019 )

All the waiting lists are over, boring life is going to finish and the world will be in joy for the next few weeks.

Coachella is an annual music & art festival held at the Empire polo club in Indio, California.

 A number of Artists performing in the many genres of music including rock, pop, indie, hip hop and electronic dance music and much more.

If we talk about Pearl Jam, he performed at Coachella in 1993 which can be considered as a new boom for Coachella stairs. He performed in front of almost 25,000 people and according to a report of 2017, almost 2,50,000 people attended the festival.

Level of Fun, Joy, and volume are on priority these days.

  • Celebration Venue = (  Located in Indio, California, U.S ).
                           Click here for live location.
  • Festival Period =  (   
    12 April to 
    21 April ).

Source Wikipedia

### Also should know ###

Coachella is originally owned by Anschutz entertainment group, a parent organization of Walden media.

               Walden Media is an American publishing, film investor and distributor company.

Walden Media is famous for it's classic and award-winning films include ( Children literature, compelling biographies, and historical events ) also some screenplay and events.

People also asking for/...

1) How to dress for Coachella?

2) Where to shop for Coachella?

3) What shoes to wear to Coachella?

4) What do men wear at Coachella?

5) Do shoes get ruined at Coachella?

I am sure one of these 5 Questions is also hitting your mind.

Ticket are on sale here.

  • For domestic orders and have it shipped.

         Weekend 1  

  => The last date is April 3rd, 2019 ( Sold out ).

         Weekend 2

  => The last date is April 10th, 2019 ( Available Now ).

Note: All the orders placed after these days must be picked up at will calls.

  • International Shipping Charges 
 # $ 20 for Canada and Mexico citizen.
 # $ 25 for all other countries except listed above.

  • Famous artist performing at Coachella 2019.
          Childish GambinoTame Impala, and Ariana Grande will headline the 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

=>  Have a look for some Social Gossips


  • Now Let's have a look towards the activities at Coachella/

Activities in Coachella is divided into different groups shown below.

I hope you guys enjoyed the information and if you have any suggestions and query related to this post Please Comment Below.

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