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Some light damages appeared in the Capital of Taiwan when hits by 6.1 magnitude Earthquake

Living inside a region with fear like Earthquake, Flood and other natural calamities is really a scary experience.

According to the previous records (1900 - 1990 ) approximately 2,221 earthquakes were hit Taiwan region every year in which ( 215 - 220 ) can be felt by the locals.

April 18, 2019, 10:58 AM GMT + 5:30

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Source https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us700038c1/executive

A strong Earthquake rattled eastern Taiwan early Thursday afternoon, some light damages appeared in the Capital and eastern coastal region.

If we talk about the magnitude it touched 6.1 having centered located in NorthWest of the city of Hualien.

" Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau " confirmed that this Earthquake located 19 Kilometer (12 Miles ) deep from the earth's surface.

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Source South China Morning Post

Whenever a natural phenomenon occurs it affects regular activities on a large basis.

After the Earthquake Eastern Taiwan, water pipes at the city's train station Brust and rail traffic was briefly suspended.

Schools along the east coast were evacuated and a large number of students can be seen holding their backpacks on their head for protection ( Training providing in schools to protect in Disasters ).

Television footage recorded a landslide in a lightly populated area.

This Earthquake shacked buildings and other infrastructures located within 115 Kilometers ( 71 Miles ) area from the Epicenter of this big disaster. 

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A localist " Ayumi Lin " who residing in leaning building in downtown Taipei stated that temblor force was very strong and " It was really Scary " and after a few moments quake shook strongly twice.

Govt is checking schools, work sites, water, power and transit lines from any damage.

No major problems were found till the time but having some cracks on the road can trouble people if there will rain in the coming few days.

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Source Al Jazeera

Hualien Govt. reported that two hikers in the " Famed Taroko Gorge National Park " were injured by falling rocks in which one is from Malaysia.

Every year a large number of these natural phenomena destroying life and livings. Somehow we are also responsible for all these sits happening.

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