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See What's coming Next | Game of Thrones | Season 8, Episode 2

Here is a quick video showing some ideas about what will come next.

S8 Ep 2: Preview

The first episode of | Game of Thrones | was watched by millions of people worldwide and now everyone is waiting for the second episode of season 8 which will clear some more mysteries in this journey.

Let's have a quick recap of First Episode...

We saw that all the heroes of this series were reached in Winter-fell. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are on horses... and a large army in already present there.

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Arya was very excited after seeing such a big army with 2 dragons.

Background music used in the starting is the same as the first episode of season 1 when Robert Baratheon army reached Winterfell and Arya and Bran were looking very excited.

Jon Snow meets Bran after many years and Bran is looking very mature now just because he is a Three-Eyed Raven now and having whole the knowledge of the world.

Bran confirmed that Nightking Has third Dragon of Daenerys Targaryen and Nightking provided him a new life in season 7. Now the dragon is obeying the order of his master and a part of Nightking's army.

Tyrion Lannister meets his wife Sansa Stark and they both discussed that last time they appeared together on Joffrey's marriage.

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Cersei asked golden company commander that do they have Elephants in their army... and commander denied stating they do not have enough space to keep elephant on the boat.

A misty can be sawed in episode 1 of season 8 while Euron disclaimed Cersei that he will pregnant her but in season 7 Cersei accepted that she is pregnant then what happened with her, is she did abortion or what you think... Comment below ??????

Image result for Euron disclaimed Cersei that he will pregnant her
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A romantic seine can saw here when Arya asks Jon Show that how you still alive because many times back knife can saw in your chest.

Lord glovr left Winterfell because he does not want to serve Targaryen queen Daenerys and he wanna be in Jon Snow's team but he is unaware the Jon is also a Targaryen and might he will not help him when this truth will disclose.

In this first episode, we can saw Jon Snow riding on Regal ( Dragon ) and having a taste of natural beauty.

A brutal seen appeared when in the Last Hearth when Tormund reaches there to save the life of local people of this place. A child was hanged on the wall and a symbol made from pieces of chopped hands around him. This makes 'Tormund disappointed.

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At the end of the episode, Brane was sitting outside waiting for someone special and Jaime Lannister was that person.

They both were looking at each other and the first episode of this final season finished here...

Hope you liked it...

Share your review and guesses what can happen in the next episode and who is your favorite character in | Game of Thrones | 

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