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Season 8 live " Game of Thrones " | With a short History |

                 ⤠   Game of Thrones   ⤟

| Game of Thrones | Season 8 is coming on April 14th | Watch the Trailer |

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

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⟴ The journey of this series started with a book named " A song of Ice and Fire " written by George R. R Martin in the year 1996.

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# The first book of this series is called " A Game of Thrones "
               After 15 years this book came live in the form of television series whose was on the of this book | Game of Thrones | 

Characters of " A song of Ice and Fire "

As per books of George R. R. Martin, the total numbers of Characters are 2103 but on the live screen, it decreased to 150 Characters.
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⦽ Locations in | Game of Thrones |

ii) Essos.
iii) The Wall.

       ➥ Seven Kingdoms
The Seven Kingdoms is one of the three locations of the book " A Song of Ice & Fire ".

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  • The North ( Stark )
  • The Rack ( Lannister )
  • Dorne ( Martell )
  • Isles and Rivers ( Hoare )
  • Stormlands ( Durrandon )
  • Vale ( Arryn )
  • Reach ( Gardener )

These kingdoms comprised a unified called " Westeros " and ruled by 7 different kings.

     ➤ Characters in | Game of Thrones |

Most of the characters in this series are from " Westeros " location and some of them are listed below.
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5 Children of Eddard are mentioned below.

  i)  Robb ( Richard Madden ), { Eldest }
  ii)  Sansa ( Sophie Turner )
  iii)  Arya ( Maisie Williams )
  iv)  Bran ( Issac Hempstead - Wright )
  v)  Rickon ( Art Parkinson )

➠Essos Continent in | Game of Thrones |

Essos is also a large continent in " Game of Thrones " and when we looking at its Northern part some of the places are___
  • Anadalos, Braavos, Loarth, Axe and Marash.

### The Axe ➱ This is where the Andals originated from. They would eventually migrate to Andalas and then finally sail to Westeros to escape the Valyrian conquest.

➠The Wall ( A great wall of 700 Feet )

The wall is a 700 ft wall made up of Ice. This wall located in the upper part of Seven Kingdoms.

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According to the world of George R. R. Martin, this huge Ice wall protect kingdoms from Wild creatures and Black Magics.

Our most native character of this series " Jon Snow " is living in this region. " Jon Snow " is an illegitimate son of " Eddard " Ned Stark ( The Lord of Winterfell ).

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