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Avengers Endgame gross revenue after first day | Must check this record |

Avengers Endgame was released on the screen on 26th April 2019. People across the globe waiting for this movie from a long time and this can be proven by the first-day record made by Avengers Endgame.

The movie was played on thousands of screen in the world and millions of Marvel fans were there to support their favorite movie.

Russo brothers who are directer of this Avenger series proved that this movie is as perfect as it should be and as expected by their fans.

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Source Polygon

Avengers Endgame collected almost $107 million in China on his opening day and become the first foreign movie which collected such a huge revenue from China box office.

Some reports published by CNBC’s Julia Boorstin confirms that Avengers Endgame can earn up to $260 million and $285 million in the U.S., Which can be an industry record.

While some of its fans suggesting that it will surpass $300 million but it is only a suggestion till the time.

A new Day will come with the latest updates describing how many records broken by this movie and how many new records were formed and I am really excited about that.

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