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23rd April |The World Book Day Celebration |

A civilization can only grow when all the people in that civilization are well educated and literate, books are playing a major part in this diversification.

From the ancient time when the first book was published by Johannes Gutenberg in 1455 ( The Gutenberg Bible ) books played a precious role in our development.

After the publishing of the first book, these books became the primary source of knowledge and conversation across the globe.

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Now we are in the 21st century and lots of technological changes can be seen but the importance of this great invention is still the same. books are still using in Schools, Colleges and all the other places till the time.

What makes books actually reliable is, that they are touchable, easy to carry and having a large source of knowledge.

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On 23rd April 1995 ( The World Book Day ) was first celebrated and organized by the 
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to promote readingpublishing, and copyright.

Now a question must be striking in your mind ( you have to be intelligent for that... Lol ) that why 23rd April and not other dates chosen by UNESCO and reason behind this is that on 23rd April there is birth and death of several famous authors including William ShakespeareInca Garcilaso de la Vegaand Cervantes.

World book celebration in different countries...

Celebration in Sweden

This day is known as Världsbokdagen ("World Book Day") and the copyright aspect is seldom mentioned and it transferred on 13 April in 2000 to avoid Clash with Easter ( A Christian fest ).
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People gather around book shops to have a look for newly published books/

Celebration in the United States of America

In Maryland ( Kenningston ) the World Book Day is celebrated with a street festival on Sunday closest to 26th April.

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Celebration in the United Kingdom and Ireland

When we reached in the United Kingdom and Ireland we saw that world Book Day is as a charity event held in March.

It is celebrated as a " World Book Night " in both countries
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Technology is increasing rapidly continuously but the reading book has a different feeling is in own.

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