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Top 5 blogs in the world growing rapidly....

1) Tuts+: $175,000 per month
Founder: Collis Ta'eed, Cyan Clair, and Jun Rundelivering.
* Founded in 2006 *
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Tutsplus is a Web developing site basically helps people around
the world to create Stunning websites and apps.

It provides courses for coding like Java, C++, and Ruby.
Tutsplus have a unique collection of templates and other necessary things
require for professional websites.

Well trained professionals with lots of creative
design and ideas are always available to help you
in your precious dreams.
Starting with WordPress and wanna install powerful
plugin's for free...so hurry up
it might be waiting for you here.

If we talk about the mystery of such a great earning of this site then it not will wrong to say
that most of it is earning from the paid membership plans for clients and commission
charged by dealing parties.

2 ) Smashing Magazine… $215,000 per month

Founded by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz in Germany in 2006 ( The
beginning of a new era.)

Vitaly Friedman is Founder and chief editor in Smashing magazine and has a
great role in the standard of the website.

This site is originally designed for providing important and good quality content for
work around the world.

Smashing magazine has a passionate team with extraordinary viewpoint..they
love their work and are passionate about it.

These are the service Smashing provides... Digital books, conferences, and workshops, job openings,
Articles and memberships.

You can simply check the site by clicking on the image provided below.

According to the website “ A good quality content cannot be compromised “ if you
are a professional worker and a web designer then this site can be an awesome
platform for you.

Can join its paid membership plan and enjoy your journey...

3 ) Gizmodo ( A multi-talented site..)..:
$325,000 per month

One of my favorite Science Fiction and daily cover website with 1000+ latest updates every day in
numerous of fields.

Kelly Bourdet is appointed as Cheif Editor in Gizmodo and firstly started by Peter Rojas and now it’s
popularity on the top.
Image result for Peter Rojas gizmodo
A picture of Peter Rojas..source tomtomfest.com...

It is a part of Gawker Media founded on 1st July, 2002. Have its leg in maximum fields…
It produces content in Sci-Fic, Politics, News, Website and Blog Design, etc.

Gizmodo starts translating its content infamous languages like German, French, Spanish and much
more languages of the world to spread its content in every single corner.

When you land on this website it outlook will definitely impress you especially the Title bar.

Gizmodo earns a major part of its revenue from Ads placed by Google Adsense and other platforms
… I was surprised to see the hugh size of banner appeared on the site. It is really awesome.
4 ) Perez Hilton... $575,000 per month

Are you interested in surfing a web which filled with pictures of famous Hollywood and
Bollywood stars.

Perez provided a plateform named Perez Hilton for gossips about celebrities and now it is in
top 10 most earning website on the planet.

Since launching in 2004 PerezHilton.com origanlly named perezsixsixsix.com and now it is
first-go-to site with more than 300 Million hits/ Month.

Let’s know the Author deeply.
Related image
Perez with his son.. source ( smokerroom.com )

Perez was born on March 23, 1978 in Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr ( Miami/Florida , U.S ).
By occupation, he is a Blogger, television personality, author and columnist.

He has three children including 2 daughters and a Son named ( Mia Alma Lavanderia, Mayte Amor,
Mario. )


( 2018 Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve Himself TV film ) is one of the famous TV show.

What I most like about this site is the content and outlook both of its are excellent.

5 ) CopyBlogger: Earns- $1,000,000 per month

CopyBlogger started as a simple one-man blog in 1998 by Brain Clark.

Image result for Brian clark
Brain clark..souce..,( foundr.com )

It evolved into a highly profitable company with 8 figure in anuual revenue, and it just because of their
smart copywriting, useful content, and expectational products and services.

Core motive of this blog is to invest its time in teaching others how to do online marketing.

A blog with just $1000 as seed cash is the beginning and now earning $1,000,000/ Months, it shows
the journey is really interesting and powerful.

Copy blogger publishing new trends about the market every week which guide blogger and website
owner what actually market is demanding and it helping them to fulfill market demand through rich

“ Copyblogger is the bible of content marketing.” -- VentureBeat

Resources source:-  https://www.forbes.com/

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