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A last good bye Message..

God sent you to do something great...
but suddenly he realized what did he lose.
             he called you back.

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You are not alive but the memory you left behind will never be faded...

I am not here to tell what, how and when the incident occurred because reiterating this will attracting us towards a deep sorrow.

For know the incidence you can Click Here

We all were calling you Baburao because of your strange spectacles and those big and thick lenses.
but you never reacted.

Reacting to negativity was out of your reach just like the Sunshine who never let anyone lead on itself.

Let me tell you an incidence... guys.

When I and Rishab sit together he always hides my ID card just for fun and I started searching it but after passing 1-2 hours he gave me some hints but still I not got it and he replied Chutiye wha hai..

A day when he was with me I hide my ID card own and start asking him where is my card.
Because he was unknown so he said I don't have but I was in the mood of fun and continuously blaming him and we started searching it mutually but I was just acting because you know who hide it.

After 2-3 hours I showed him the card and he punched me hard for that then we start laughing...😅😅

You are one of the best in office and I really enjoyed the moment I spent with you Baburao...

                                    Pedo ki tujhe chao mile..
                                              Suraj ki tujhe dhoop.

                                    Pal pal, ghari ghari ye duniya..
                                              badal rhi hai apna roop.

                                    Nafrat ki duniya ko chod kr..
                                              Pyar ki duniya me..

                                    Khus rehna mere yaar..

We all love you Bhai " Rest In Peace ".

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