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5 strategies to increase your sales up to 200 % guaranteed

Sometimes, something is very meaningful for us and if you got successful to learn that meaning you are the one to whom the world looking for then you start living with a different thought.

" fairly saying, I realized that in this large competitive market it is nearly impossible to be a single seller because lots of substitutes are available every time. "

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" But, having a possibility in every impossibility is available for me and hope you are working with the same concept "~`

Today I am going to share 5 strategies with you which will help you to increase your sales up to 200 % and it's amazing. Right. 

Let's start with strategies no: 1 ( How you welcomes your customer )

Have you ever visited a shop where a gentleman stand inside, wearing an attractive dress and welcoming you?

Here the guy who stands can influence the customer in two different ways.

a) Will attract you ( customer ) to come in:

If the guy has a beautiful smile ( look doesn't matter here ) and welcomes you in a beautiful manner which is different from others I will definitely like to visit there and I think you would too. 

b) Will distract you to towards substitutes.

But distraction is not our goal. So, only focus on attraction, okay.

Note: Small steps are the most important factors for success and this is one of them. 

2) How you are conversating with customer ???

This 2nd Step will help to improve your sale up to the next level.

Nobody wants to visit that shop whose owner or the staff members are misbehaving or rude with the customers till the shop is not the only available shop in the City/Town/Locality.

As per my opinion having a single kind of shop in the whole city is quite difficult.

If you agree, comment below and you should follow the strategy no: 2

3 ) How you represent your products/brand ???

If you ever visited a store of Adidas/Puma/Nike/Samsung/Apple and much more you must notice that they all had the same dress code which representing their company and way of representing their products are totally different.

Related image

Here representing is face to face presentation, not the advertisement.

( And just because of this I bought a product worth 2,000 Rupees in 2,100 Rupees. It's impressive for me ).

But during sale do not forget to introduce real features ( If you think you can cheat the customer, So buddy you can't you are cheating yourself.

4 ) How to know the perfect product for your customer ???

You never know what customer want to buy until he/she did not express any guesses will not work in this particular field. 

So, what you should do to know about the customers choice.

Only one thing and you will receive the answer.

Pay attention to customers/lesson customer carefully first before any conversation.

=> Yeh, It's totally working formula for those who wanna increase their sales to next level because paying attention will help you to know what actually customer demanding.?

It will also give a description of the features in products he/she is looking for.

Once you understood the feature and details then simply start with this sentence.

" I understood what you are looking for and I really happy to say that we have some latest products with almost all the features you need. Hope you like them. " 

And it is my guarantee this single sentence will create a big effect on customer's mind for purchasing one of the product.

Related image

Hence your selling chance increased up to 150 % but 50 % is still remaining. So here is 5th and last most important step.

5 ) How to end the sail ( Happy Ending ) ???

I never visited Japan/China/USA or any other developed countries but I noticed in many movies/cartoons/comics how citizens of these countries are following a pattern to make the customer loyal with them.

These simple steps will make customer satisfaction and loyalty with you.

  •  Always acknowledge customer for choosing the correct choice.

Focusing on only profit maximization will not give your business a successful growth.
          Profit maximization works but only for a very short period.

Having a dream of long term business and profit you have to acknowledge the customer and ignoring unfair trade practices/black marketing and all.

  •  Always provide good quality products equal in term of money.

Introducing the latest feature products and providing little discounts make the customer really interested in your store and encourage to get connected with you.

Note: If anyone visiting your store/shop and you know that he might not buy, still be relaxed and attend him like a valuable customer.

( You never know when a visitor gets convert into a buyer. )


Let's take a quick recap with the following points.

1) Always welcome your customer in a beautiful manner.
2) The conversation should be realistic.
3) Introduce with real features only ( awake from fake ).
4) Show the trending and latest products.
5) End the sale with a happy ending.

  • Do you agree? Do you disagree?

    • What other ideas can I add to this list that I may have not mentioned?

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