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Your content should talk to people in 2019

Rain, rain come again, 
       don't forget to remove the mind stain.

The raindrop with small pieces of ice,
        fresh air and attracting smell of spice. 

 All I love to say thanks.

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Date: 7th Feb 2019.
Time : 6:10 PM ( IST )

Heavy rainfall in Delhi and area it's around. Walking on the road might dangerous and can cause injuries.

Snowfall and I, looking like a substitute. I wish to enjoy the falling snow directly from heaven and wanna to make a snowman of 10 Feets.

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But on 7th Feb wish came true at 7 PM in form of pieces of ice. I know snowman can't form from those pieces but those small, round and fresh pieces are indicating that " HEAVEN STILL EXIST IN SKY ".

Our parents, teachers, and elders always teaching us to help the poor. But an incident where a poor man helped me and it's creat a great confusion for me to understand, Who is actual poor ???

I was almost late for my office and as already discussed a heavy rainfall was there so I decide to take rickshaw till the metro station and an old man already in the rickshaw with two more people.

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In our new trend, we never talk to strangers so I put my handsfree in and start listing songs but forgot that I have 500 Rs note, I asked him that does he have the change of 500 Rs and he refused.

Now the rickshaw driver asking for money and really I was helpless. Raining is also making it impossible to get change from the stores nearby and I was also getting late for the office too.

In the end, the destination came and now I am getting worried about payment and the old man looking me with a piece of silence.

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I asked Rickshaw drive that I'll be right back with change and he agreed. I ran towards some " general stores " and " fruit thelas " but nobody has change, after half an hour I got tired and returned back towards Rickshaw.

I asked driver that sorry uncle nobody has change and he replied don't worry son I already got your fair... I surprisingly asked who paid it ??? .............He answered the old man who was traveling with you.

Yes, he was the one who looking silently and patiently toward me I saw when he was paying, he only had 20 Rs.... But he paid my money too it is unforgettable. I tried to find him but. 😞😞

Money matters for everyone but sometimes it shines faded.  Faded in front of someone's faith, faded in front of someone's kindness and smile.

Love, help, and faith should be without demand.

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