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" Strange and Stranger ", they both have a big difference.
       Stange can be things but stranger always refers to a person.
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Becoming optional is not enjoyable for me but I ready to handle it.
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Those running trees, shining stars and roaring clouds always helps me to let you up in my mind, in my eyes.
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Every day I look for a job.......... " Job to assist you, job to feel you special and job for my satisfaction ".

I am irritable for most of the fellow around me, most of them not like to talk to me but still, some of the friends are with me, "you are with me ".

Sometimes my life looks like worse and it shows I am growing.

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Yeh, I grew up.///

Growing in the sense, learning to handle the pain with the same character as we showing at the time of joy.

Do you remember the day when I was expressing you a small part of my feelings and you got wrong..........HAHAHAHA it shows how illiterate I am.

Might the way was not right or the time was wrong...but those words from your mouth helped me to understand clearly that ---------- * Optional is Optional *

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Optional is always optional.

And now I left all previous memories which trying to throw me into the dark.

Leaved, love in rest of peace and moving forward.

The children smile, the birds chirping and sharp sun rays they just telling me to welcome New Day///

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A new day comes with a lot of joy, faith and a new motive for my life.

But how to forget those precious memories which were in my life at a time.

Now here is only Silence... Silences

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Only silence silences...............

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