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A Thought Can Change You.....


Do not Argue, Do not Loud.
Be Quite and be Yourself Proud.

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But Before starting let have a look at our previous post.

In our previous post we handover you Prem's life.

We asked you for suggestions regarding what should happen to him and if you are still unknown from the story Click Here.

In teenage, we have a lot of things to learn. Some can change our lives in a positive manner others can destroy it.

Image result for create or destroy

Sometimes when we are angry we lose our patience and it will cause a heavy loss in different fields.

Image result for Angry man

I reached my office 5 Minutes late and trying to seat in the row where other shifts already logged-in because my friends were there so I wished to seat with them.

                                                              Image result for 5 Minutes late for office 

I was well known that it was my fault but you guys know sometimes we are not in the situation to accept our own fault.

When our Team Leader asked me I quietly leave and again I seat in the wrong row but seriously this I was unknown from it.

        Image result for Men with finger on mouth

Suddenly the Team Leader came and start shouting on me and it will also make me angry and now the confliction began.
Image result for Men Shouting
Me and team leader was looking same like in this image 😅😅

We both arguing and it started creating panic on the floor so we went to the office room to discuss the same.
                                                                                         Image result for Panic on the work floor

After a long conversation, the matter got shorted and we both went to our places.

Suddenly a voice came from behind and there was a lady named Mrs. Poonam ( Our Quality Auditor ) Calling me.

Image result for Lady calling from behind

I went there and wished her Good Morning then she asked me to sit on a chair which is in left side or her.

She tells me those lines which changed my point of view for whole life.

                       Image result for Point of view changed

Yesterday I learned, IF someone's behavior strange or unacceptable you always should ignore.

Because we should understand,

One who is ignoring is not fool or fright, 
         maybe he is cool or very right.

This post is ending here love to all the readers. 😘😊😊😘
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