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The Christmas Eve

MERRY CHRISTMAS                  Image result for Christmas

Good morning it's 1 AM of 26th Dec/

Gonna to start with a new day and a fresh mind.

This is for 25th December ( Christmas Day ) and I was fully excited because of Christmas and only two days left of her birthday.

Finally, the day will come for which I was waiting for such a long time and still doing.

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Usually, we are not getting off on a festive day because in the food industry these are main business days but it's my luck that yesterday was my holiday, so I planned to hang out with my school friends.

Someone said very correctly that "you will make a lot of friends in your life but no one like school friends",

Image result for school boys

I was the organiser of this one day trip so I called everyone one by one to get ready.

We all meet at Nangloi metro station, Jatin and Gauri were interested to travel by metro but I know travelling in the back seats of DTC bus will be more memorable.

And after abusing me they got ready.

Now the Journey Began...................................

We are Five including Prem and Nitin...... And seriously they both are a very money saver.

It got decided we will go to Church at Connaught Place.

Image result for connaught place

If you have been travelled in DTC bus at the back side then you must see those five seats in the end which helped all of us to shit with one another.

Image result for DTC bus back inside view

Jatin is living nearby of her home most probably he may have some info about her so that I can know her more.

I started asking him regarding her then suddenly he received a call by name Dhruv and when it got disconnect he said that this guy is her boyfriend.

Have you seen"a guy who suddenly got silent after a long conversation"                                                        Image result for keep silence         

I was totally looking like a fool that time..........

But Jatin is a genius he immediately commented he now they brock up and I was like Awwwwwo

Because there is still hope.     Image result for there is still hope

After that, I do not ask more because he was getting bored with my nonsense questions so the journey will continue for a while without any sound............

And this was one of my best memories ( {}{}{} )

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