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Journey tonight

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Today is as usual as all the days, I want to my office and set on a chair in front of my PC, the only difference between today and other days are that I have to work for 10.5 hours.

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At the one end, there are some of the worst days of my life where I have to work more for same payout and seriously passing such a long time by sitting on a single chair it's not an easy task. But as we often told "Work is Worship" so ...........

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 I reached office at 11:00 AM and because today is Friday as already told that it's 10.5 hours shift, so usually my off should be at 9:30 PM but due to high order flow I got it at 9:45.

Actually, I am travelling with Public transport not because I love it, just because I do not have my own vehicle.

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So I reached to the bus stop which is hardly 2 Minutes far from my office and It may be my luck that the bus number 78 which I have to take to reach Panjabi Bagh is in front of me I cannot miss the golden chance to catch it.

I run as fast I can and caught that one. Image result for Run

In the night there was no checker's ( who checking that is anyone without a ticket or not ) in the route so I did not buy a ticket, as usual, I am doing.

                     The bus was a low floor bus and I went to back side where all the seats were empty, I took a window side seat and took out my handsfree from the pocket.

Elder's always saying that if you want to feel something you have to stay alone, and alone means totally alone with no any unwanted thoughts.
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I was on the back of the amazing bus which is running almost 80Km/ Hours, fresh and child air was directly attacking my face it seems that they want to express something. Something which is full of love, joy and happiness.
  If you have been travelled by bus or train at night then I can hope that you are aware of the freshness I am talking about.

                               In my whole time during this journey, I was just remembering the one who is far but always in my heart. Most probably she is unaware that how much feeling I have for her.

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I know most of you guys want to know who she is but this is not the correct time to explain about her, so coming soon with the LOVE CHAPTERS.

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